Our Services

  • Planning

    Serpico's roadmaps for landscape, tree, and water management are vision plans customized to the nuances of a site. We plot overall direction as plans engineered for best landscaping and tree results.
  • Water-Saving

    Using new irrigation software and smartphone-controlled WBIC's, Serpico gives clients total control of controlling water while we watch levels from our offices too.
  • Landscaping

    Serpico's landscape architects design you one-of-a-kind sustainable destinations. Loaded with drought-defying beauty.
  • Maintain

    Serpico's uniquely-trained ground maintenance pros are drought-smart horticulturalists. Sprinkler system and software savvy, many know remote-controlled water deliveries and apps.
  • Community

    Our landscaping and tree care designs transform open spaces into relaxing, one-with-nature, places.
  • Know Serpico

    We want everything to run smoothly for you for your landscaping, tree and water delivery projects. We respect your operations and property -- so Serpico Landscaping hires the best people, and encourages their continuous education so they work their best.

Serpico Landscaping



Our entire staff of managers, crew members, and office employees are committed to the highest quality work and satisfied Customers. We’re not happy unless we’re consistently exceeding your expectations.

We are experts in water management and have saved our Customers thousands of dollars on water bills through our improvements. We excel in the management of existing systems, as well as the renovation of older systems.

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Client Testimonials


Just wanted to let you know that the Tree Care crew showed up bright and early this morning and cut down the right two branches on the right tree. It was amazing to watch them work as they coordinated between the one clear up in the tree and the two on the ground who were managing the pieces he cut off. In spite of the size of the branches that came down, none of the rhododendrons or other ground plants suffered! And they did a very good job of cleaning up, both in our yard and down in the street where they ground everything up. The backyard is much more open now and I feel safer. Glad to have it done. Thanks again for your help in this project.
-- Leslie W., Mesa Verde HOA

The landscaping at Marble Bay HOA is well maintained and looks great. The Board President and Serpico work together to keep the landscaping at its best.
-- Veronica Sandoval, CCAM, Marble Bay HOA

The Maralisa Board of Directors and Serpico staff members have worked hard to find creative solutions to managing the ongoing drought conditions and still maintain a pleasing common area landscape. Key to accomplishing this is the selection of a drought tolerant plant palette, liberal use of mulch, maintaining watering schedules and being sure to remove dead and dying plant material.
-- John Cligny, CCAM, AMS, Maralisa Courtyard Homes

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